Makeup That Looks Natural

Every day, women spend hours perfecting their makeup. ( 3d mink lash vendors ) From carefully lining their eyes and lips, to covering every little imperfection, women are obsessed with the perfect face. However, in the immortal words of Bob Dylan, the times they are a changin’. Like we’ve seen with hair styles over the past few years, imperfect is now in. Not only can you save time with your daily makeup rituals, but you’ll also look great and be 3d mink false eyelashes  in style at the same time.

Look Like The End Of The Night

You know how your makeup often looks a little smudged and your hair a bit messed up at the end of the nigh

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t? This is your goal. Dewy, pouty lips look relaxed yet sexy. Smudged liner is far hotter than the intimidating utilitarian lines you normally use. No matter what you usually wear, make 3d mink false eyelashes3d mink false eyelashes  sure it looks very underdone. Keep it relaxed. For the most part, limit or forgo the heavy foundations and concealers.



Achieving The Look

Now, although your makeup should look relaxed, it doesn’t mean you can’t use bold colors. A mixture of bright or bold colors along with the just-got- home-style creates a perfectly imperfect face. Your best tool for the new makeup trends is your fingertip. Once you put on your liner, use your fingertip to smudge the line a little. Forget the bronzer or blush brushes. Instead, use your fingers to smudge uneven 3d mink false eyelashes 3d mink false eyelashes  patches on your cheeks. Just remember to avoid smudges that are too dark to prevent the dreaded clown look.

Imperfect Lips

Lips are one of the main areas where color is still expected. However, instead of smearing your entire lips with dark or neon shades, apply the color only to the center of the lips, then roll your lips together. This allows the color to be dark in the middle and fade out on the edges. The same look 3d mink false eyelashes 3d mink false eyelashes  you get after hours hanging out with friends.

Embrace Your Eyes

Bright colors are the rage for eyes this summer. Forget about dark shades and the whole smokey eye look. Instead, focus on embracing your natural eye color. If you use mascara at all, choose a shade that compliments your eye color or one that matches your hair color. If you have dark hair, 3d mink false eyelashes 3d mink false eyelashes  stick with a lighter shade of mascara to avoid dark, too perfect eyes.

Choose One Focal Point

Remember that relaxed makeup means less. Choose one focal point for your face. This is your color area. If you use a bright color eyeshadow, keep the lips neutral with a light pink or clear gloss. If you focus on lips, skip the eyes or use light shades only. Take advantage of the relaxed trend this summer. Your skin will be healthier and you’ll look your absolute best whether at work or with friends.


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