A Lesson In Sales From Behind The Makeup Counter

When it comes to figuring out which accessories to stock an best 100% real mink lashes d which to take a pass on, ( http://www.oakleylashes.comwholesale mink lashes )how do you decide what to save and what to cut loose and let go?

Let me respond with a story. The other day my wife needed new lipstick. We drove to the department store that carries the brand she favors and my wife approached the counter and asked the saleswoman for the $8 best 100% real mink lashes  lipstick. Approximately 20 minutes later, my wife left the counter loaded down with $148 worth of new products. It was masterful to observe.


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Grill dealers can learn a thing or two from people behind the cosmetics counter. What did the woman selling to my wife do that turned an $8 purchase into a sale 18 times the amount my wife planned to spend? She did what eve best 100% real mink lashes best 100% real mink lashes ry salesperson should do – she created an experience.

Don’t send them home empty-handed

Here’s another example. Have you ever bought something like a computer and printer and the salesperson never bothers to ask if you have the cable required to connect the two? You get home, set everything up and think, “Are  best 100% real mink lashes best 100% real mink lashes you kidding me? He didn’t tell me I needed the CABLE?”

Creating an experience means ensuring your customer has everything they need for a complete and satisfying grilling experience before they leave your store. Do they have tongs, spatulas, a grill cover? The last thing you want is for your customer to go home, stand in front of their grill and think, “Are you kidding me? He didn’t tell me I needed a BRUSH to clean my grill?”

The cosmetics counter created an experience for my wife – they educated her about the lip moisturizer, lip liner and anti-feathering wand that would make the lipstick last longer and look better. And since my wife was already a fan of the original product, she bought into it. That’s what accessories can do for you. Nothing can increase sales faster than understanding when and how to market parts and accessories to customers who have already bought into the grilling experience.

Test, test and test some more

When it comes to what to stock, there shouldn’t be a product in your store that you personally haven’t tested, preferably multiple times. If you recommend a griddle to a customer, it’s because you know they’ll have a great time with it. Or if they call and say it’s not working right, you’ll know how to help them. The bottom line is you’re staking your reputation on your recommendation, so you had better know what you’re talking about.

How to move stock

Stock, like uninvited guests, grows stale. One of the biggest challenges for any dealer is keeping stock fresh and moving. The problem is that buyers fall in love with products and hold on to them longer than appropriate.best 100% real mink lashes best 100% real mink lashes

You must be merciless with turnover. The moment you notice an item isn’t moving, take action.

1. Remerchandise and relocate. If the bags of smoking chips aren’t selling off the third shelf, move them by the register for an impulse buy. Put the meat thermometer on the side shelf of a grill. A change of space can make all the difference.

2. Reduce the price. At the right price, everything will sell. Everything. Think about the 22 ugly orange and purple plaid shirts, all in a size “S,” a department store is trying to unload. A $2 price change won’t make a difference. But if it’s a $10 shirt and they sell it for $3, people see the shirts in a new light. “I can use it for a painting smock, I’ll wear it under a sweater, I could buy these as gag gifts for Christmas… ”

Finally, when it comes to gimmicky or gag gifts, buy in low quantities and once you’re out, you’re out. Learn what sells, what doesn’t and order accordingly the next time.

Keep grilling,


The Grill Guy, aka “Rob Schwing,” holds a lifelong passion for grills and grilling. With an extensive retail background and 18 years category experience, Rob has led Char-Broil and SABER Grills as a vice president in marketing, product development, consumer & warranty services, e-commerce and business development. He currently holds the title of GM at SABER Grills, LLC. Most Saturdays find Rob doing what he loves best-offering cooking demonstrations and surprising people with all that can be accomplished on a grill.

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