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Mineral Makeup Without Bismuth Oxychloride – What Are Your Options?

Mineral makeup without Bismuth Oxychloride is sometimes hard to find. ( http://www.biothermlashes.commink lashes wholesale ) Many of the big name brands of mineral makeup contain this ingredient which causes irritation and sensitization for many women. Big name companies use this ingredient for many reasons, but there is still hope for those of us with sensitive skin mink false eye lashes .


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Why is Bismuth Oxychoride still in use mink false eye lashes ?

This ingredient is safe for most people to use. It has been deemed safe by the FDA for use in makeup and other personal products. Many women can use this makeup without side effects if their skin is not sensitive.

Bismuth is often used to help makeup to cling to the skin. It also provides a shiny, pearly finish when used in makeups. This can provide a nice finish to eye makeups. Some women like to use foundations with Bismuth because the pearlescent finish helps to hide wrinkles by reflecting light off of the skin.

For those of us with sensitive skin, Foundations containing Bismuth Oxychloride can be a nightmare. It causes itching and rashes on our skin. It can also cause cystic acne when used in mineral foundations. It is on the MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) as a potential irritant for the skin and eyes.

Bismuth Oxychloride is found to have a similar chemical makeup as Arsenic. It is not toxic, but can be most irritating to many people, especially when combined with sweat. Many women also find that it causes makeup to fall off of the face. Many makeup companies recommend buffing the makeup over and over again throughout the day, which can be another cause of irritation.

Mineral makeup without bismuth oxychloride is usually produced by smaller makeup companies that produce organic and natural products. Finding these can sometimes be a chore, but it will be worth it to those of mink false eye lashes mink false eye lashes mink false eye lashes us with sensitive skin.

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