Smoky Eye Makeup Tips

One of the best ways to look hot, sexy and completely gorgeous is wearing a smoky eye makeup. This technique has really become popular among several women all over the world especially to famous female showbiz celebrities. Evening look of every woman can never be as dramatic as having this eye makeup. This article will give you some tips on how to put on smoky eye makeup to make yourself look so glamorous like the Hollywood celebrities. Keep all these tips in mind and you will never go wrong real mink fur 3d lashes real mink fur 3d lashes .


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How should you apply smoky makeup for your eyes? The first thing you need to do is select the colors. As we all know, classic smoky eyes boast of two colors: black and gray. Hence, do not limit yourself to such two colors and try to experiment using other colors such as violet, chocolate, coffee, dark pink, plum, copper, dark green, dark blue or purple. All of these are great choices for you to play with. One important point to take into consideration is that the colors you have chosen must go well with the color of your eyes to create a perfect match. For instance, if your eyes are brown, the perfect colors of eyes shadows for you include copper, coffee and brown colors real mink fur 3d lashes real mink fur 3d lashes real mink fur 3d lashes real mink fur 3d lashes  .

To make smoky eye makeup possible, you need to secure a number of things. These include an eyeshadow base, a concealer or a mineral makeup foundation, an eye pencil, mascara, flat and dome shaped eyeshadow brushes and a smoky eyeshadow color palette. The first step is to prepare your eyelids. Primer or eyeshadow base must be applied first on the eyelid before putting on the smoky makeup. This will help prevent the eyeshadow from melting into the wrinkled line of your eyelid all day long. The second thing you must put on is the concealer to provide a smooth base for the eyeshadow makeup. Put a trace on the upper and lower lash line from the inner to the outer corner using a black or gray pencil liner real mink fur 3d lashes.

Use a flat brush in pre-coating (light eyeshadow) to the brow bone and bring it back to the wrinkled lines of your eye. Using a brush, apply the eyeshadow color on the concealer. You need to see to it that the base color of the eyeshadow is lighter than the natural skin tone of yours. The next thing you need to do is get a dome- shaped brush and smoke the eyes starting from the lash line and going upward until the eyeliner is covered. Perfect blending must be observed while applying the smoky makeup. As a finishing touch, you need to get a moist towelette to clean up the surrounding area especially the under eye. Under eye bags must be covered using a concealer. Additionally, to make everything perfect, make your eyelashes more stunning using mascara. It is also important that you smoky eye makeup blends well with your lips and cheek. However, the smoky eye look can stand alone without blushed cheeks or red lips. All these tips will bring you closer to the look of a glamorous Hollywood icon real mink fur 3d lashes real mink fur 3d lashes .

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