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Have you noticed that whenever you download an article about Rosacea, ( http://www.covergirllashes.comwholesale eyelash vendors ) it seems to always follow the same formula? First of all it gives a long and winding description about what Rosacea is. Then it tells you all about the pain and embarrassment that Rosacea flare ups cause you. Only then will it get to the crux of the article and talk about possible Rosacea triggers and what you can do about them real sable fur eyelashes !

Well, excuse me! We know what Rosacea is and we sure as heck know about the effects of a Rosacea Attack. So don’t waste my time and get to the interesting bit.

Makeup for Rosacea real sable fur eyelashes

So here we are. No more chat, just straight to the meat.

Here is something that you need to know.

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“If you, as a Rosacea sufferer use makeup products that are perfumed, then eventually you WILL suffer from a surge in Rosacea flare ups!” We know this because a study by the well-respected American Academy of Dermatology tells us so.

But it isn’t just the fragrance in our cosmetics that can cause us to have more frequent Rosacea outbreaks. Many of the other ingredients used in the manufacture will send your flare ups into overdrive.

For instance, did you know that any makeup, even makeup for Rosacea, that uses alcohol in its list of ingredients is responsible for an outbreak in 66 percent of Rosacea patients who were questioned by the National Rosacea Society.

Another 30 percent of attacks were triggered real sable fur eyelashes real sable fur eyelashes by Witch Hazel, whilst Menthol, Peppermint and Eucalyptus oil combined were responsible for another 48 percent. And the ‘makeup mayhem’ doesn’t end there for us hard done to Rosacea victims.

Most astringents and many exfoliating products will immediately trigger the onset of flushing and a red face.

So what can we do about it?

Well, we could stop using makeup, but if you are real sable fur eyelashesreal sable fur eyelashes anything like me, the thought of venturing outside without any makeup on sends shivers down my spine. So here is what I do and I recommend that you do the same:

First, whenever I am trying out a new cosmetic, I don my reading glasses and closely study the list of ingredients, although I swear that they are printed smaller and smaller every year!

If, none of the chemicals I mentioned above are listed then I try a small amount of the makeup on somewhere not particularly noticeable, such as my neck. If there is ANY sign of a reaction, I make a note of the ingredients and then give it away to one of my non-Rosacea suffering friends.

Just by sticking rigidly to this simple procedure, I have managed to cut out all of those nasty chemical Rosacea triggers, and I now have some makeup for Rosacea that I am confident will never cause my Rosacea to flare up unexpectedly.

If you are fed up to the back teeth of being given real sable fur eyelashesreal sable fur eyelashes the same old boring Rosacea advice… you know, stuff like “Don’t use perfumed soaps” and “Drink lots of water” and even “try meditating” and… “Blah, Blah, Blah”, then…

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