The B.O. (Bismuth Oxychloride) in Mineral Makeup

Mineral Makeup should be all natural, pure, untainted, however, some cosmetics companies will use Bismuth Oxychloride (b.o.) ( http://www.benefitlashes.comwholesale mink eyelashes ) in their cosmetics because it is a very cheap filler. Bismuth does have binding qualities, so the makeup will hold to your skin better, however there are other products that are just as good at sticking to your skin, and are better for your best 3d mink stri .

Other than being a cheap filler it is also highly reflective, which is something cosmetics companies want, because refraction can camouflage fine lines, wrinkles and discolorations. If you use a brand with B.O. you will see a shiny or shimmery, yet heavy look. That’s the bismuth oxychloride.



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B.O. is a very thick, heavy mineral, which makes it difficult for many people to wear. It has to be packed into your pores (buffing application) otherwise it can slide off the wearer’s face. The heaviness can and usually does best 3d mink  best 3d mink stri best 3d mink stri stri best 3d mink stri  result in clogged pores or irritated skin. B.O often feels silky and fine between the fingers. Mineral makeup companies that don’t use it have a lighter feeling makeup that will blend into the skin better and with less effort.

After using Mineral Makeup, many women experience noticeable itching when they sweat. Generally this is from the chemical composition in B.O. All women have their own chemical makeup, and some will have problems while others won’t, so if you find you’re experiencing some problems with your current mineral makeup and it contains B.O., the fix could be as simple as switching to a brand best 3d mink stri best 3d mink stri  that doesn’t use Bismuth Oxychloride.


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