How To Use Makeup To Enhance Your Already Amazing Eyes

The eyes will give you away. You can tell what a person is thinking just by their eyes. ( http://www.diorlashes.comwholesale mink lashes )No matter how hard we try others can tell your emotions just by looking at your eyes. This is one of the reasons women tend to take so much time and effort doing their eye make-up 3d mink fur customized 3d silk customized 3d silk eyelashes .

Using eye make-up can enhance what we want to say. You can make yourself look mysterious or flirtatious, or anything in between. When choosing a look we have many products to choose from such as eye shadow, eye or brow liner, and mascara. All of these products come in a 3d mink customized 3d silk  fur eyelashes  variety of colors too.


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Eyelashes can really make your eyes pop. Most women say that mascara is a necessity. Mascara is usually the one item women choose to put on if they are forced to customized 3d silk customized 3d silk customized 3d silk  make a choice. First you will need to decide what kind of mascara you want. There are many kinds such as all day wear, or  3d mink fur eyelashes 3d mink fur eyelashes lash multiplication, or waterproof. Choose the best for you and the occasion you will be wearing it for. Next you need to choose what color you would like to wear. Once again you have many choices available to you. Next you need to decide if you will be using an eye lash curler to further jazz up those lashes.

If you choose to use an eye lash curler it will curl better if you heat it up for a few seconds with your blow dryer. Once you have the desired curl, get your mascara ready. When applying your mascara make sure you dab any excess off the wand, and start at the base. Mascara will make ensure that your lashes will hold the curl, and really open up your eyes.

Eye shadow

Eye shadow also comes in many colors and kinds. You can choose between compressed powder, cream shadows, or shadow pencils. You also have a wide variety of colors to choose from. When choosing a color remember not to go overboard, you need to think of your eye color and skin tone, and the occasion and look you are going for. When looking for shadow they usually come in palettes of color that compliment  3d mink fur eyelashes 3d mink fur eyelashes each other. Some even come with instructions on where to apply each color.


Once again you have a variety of eyeliners to choose from. Eyeliners come in a variety of colors also that compliment the color of your eye shadow and your eyes. You can also choose to just stick to the neutral colors, which may not be a bad idea for beginners. Next you can choose from liquid or pencil eyeliner. Liquid eyeliner is applied with a small brush and can be tricky. You need a steady hand for this, and there customized 3d silk customized 3d silk  is not a lot of room for error. Eyeliner pencils tend to be more forgiving and have more options. With a pencil you will need to sharpen it as needed, but you have more control. Even if you do mess up you can blend it for a different look.

Eyebrows and Under Eyes

Eyebrow liner comes in a variety of colors so you can find one that matches you eyebrows. Shaped eyebrows help accentuate the eyes. Brushing your brows and then plucking any strays will create a clean look. You can then use the eyebrow liner to fill in where needed. Make sure not to neglect the skin under your eyes. Dark circles will draw attention, but usually not the kind we want. Make sure you get 3d mink fur eyelashes 3d mink fur eyelashes enough sleep and water to help prevent the circles, but if this doesn’t help you may want to use an under eye concealer to help.

Once you are comfortable with applying your make-up, try experimenting. Have some friends over and have a girl’s night. You can share make-up tips and help each othe customized 3d silk r with some new looks. Have fun with your make-up.

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