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Why buy a professional case mink eyelash suppliers ?


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Nothing is worse than opening a suitcase and finding that your foundation has exploded all over your clothing or that leaving your “bargain” type makeup case in the car for twenty minutes resulted in a meltdown of your products. There is more to consider than just keeping your cosmetics organized when buying a makeup case. My kit is worth at least $20,000 and although you may not have invested that much money in your personal cosmetics; it is still an investment not worth jeopardizing during travel. You don’t have to be a professional makeup artist to appreciate the benefits of a professional makeup case. When you use a professional makeup case, your products are protected by insulation, sturdy design, and latches that will not pop open mink eyelash suppliers .

What style of case is best?

There are so many cases to choose from. Some open accordion style and some open cabinet style. Do you want a soft-sided case or a hard case? I always check for a good sturdy handle, the weight distribution, and that the latches will stay closed. In-line wheels are also a plus when you are traveling or just working day to day. Lastly, insulation is an invaluable asset when it comes to possible meltdowns. Japanesque and Shu Uemura cases are insulated to protect from heat. Although I would not leave my case of makeup in a car, it has been left in a hot makeup trailer over the weekend and never melted due to the construction of the case.

Quality cases

There are so many cases out there in cyber world, (most of which are knock-offs or copies of the better cases), that selecting one is almost overwhelming. My choices for best professional makeup cases are comprised of companies that have excellent reputations as far as quality control as well as choice of styles. Whether you are a professional makeup artist, a student, or the woman on the go, one of these cases is sure to fit your personal needs.

The Best of the Best: Altelier Makeup Box – Shu Uemura

The base of this makeup box has enough room to carry skin care items, brushes, mink eyelash suppliers mink eyelash suppliers and pencils. There are two sets of stacking tiers (three on each side) and the trays are removable. This case is soft sided and handmade with sturdy fiber pulp making it perfect for transporting large and full size products. The carrying handle is finished in leather and designed perfectly for hauling a large collection of makeup. These cases are larger to carry almost everything essential to the professional artist or student.

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