Tips To Enhance Your Natural Beauty With Makeup

This is a question I come across a lot, “How do I enhance my natural beauty?” ( http://www.johnsonlashes.commink lash vendors wholesale ) Before you start thinking about enhancing your natural beauty you first have to identify which parts of your face gets the most compliments or are well proportioned. The basic idea is to enhance or apply makeup in such a way to make those parts stand out or get enhanced popular 3d 100% real .

To determine which parts of your anatomy are a jackpot, pay attention to the complement s people give you when they meet you. Do people say you have beautiful eyes, eyebrows or lips? If that’s the case, your eyes or whatever has a natural advantage, and the goal then will be to make them stand out popular 3d 100% real .


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Deciding on which brand of makeup to use or colors to apply will depend on a lot of things such as your skin color and tone, and also whether you have clear skin. The reason is that different brands of makeup have different shades of the same color, and a brown color in one brand could be a different popular 3d 100% real popular 3d 100% real shade of brown in another brand.

If you have clear skin then you have little use for foundation or concealer. If you don’t then that is the first thing that goes on to get an even color all over your face before you start to apply anything. It’s good to apply a light powder foundation to your face, it evens out your skin tone.

If you have nice lips wearing lipstick or lip gloss would make them stand out. Again the color of your skin will also accentuate the lipstick color you decide to wear. popular 3d 100% real popular 3d 100% real Light olive complexion and pale ivory complexion tend to go well with red lipstick. If you think your lips are not that great, then use basic nude colors to blend them with your skin tone.

Eyes, Mascara and Eyeliner
Most women believe that their eyes are their best features and I am yet to see a woman that does not believe that. The tendency here then is to make the eyes stand out, and this can be done with mascara. But remember, a little mascara is about all you need and brown mascara looks more natural than black.

If you think you have a wide nose and you want to make it appear proportionate to your face, apply a little white eyeshadow directly below your eyebrow at the curve. You will give the impression of your nose looking less wide and proportionate to your face.

Another way to give the impression of a smaller popular 3d 100% real popular 3d 100% real nose is to use a use a highlighter to make your cheek bones stand out and therefore your nose smaller. To achieve the opposite look, take white eyeshadow and brush it down your nose.

Eyeliner is component of your makeup that could become very permanent if you wear it all the time. It changes your face or look dramatically, and if you wear it all the time a time will come when people will not recognize you if you are not wearing it.

With the above mentioned strategy you are very popular 3d 100% real popular 3d 100% real much on your way to using your natural advantages in your favor. Always take note of colors, shades and makeup brands that work well with your physiology.

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